Unconventional Spaces

Aga Khan Museum Courtyard, August 2016

Are performances only meant for proscenium stages? How does the aesthetic of dance evolve over time as it is practiced and performed outside of conventional spaces? What role does the audience play in shaping these performances?

Since 2016, Mushtari has been curious about these questions and has invested time in exploring them by bringing her performances out of proscenium stages to unconventional spaces such as in museums, galleries, libraries, City Hall, etc.

Toronto City Hall Rotunda, April 2019
Open Studio Session at Aga Khan Museum’s Mongolian Winter Hut Installation, Toronto, April 2018

The first opportunity to situate her choreography in an unconventional space came in the summer of 2016 when Aga Khan Museum in Toronto invited her to its pop-up performances. These performances took place in the museum’s lobby area, in its Bellerieve room and in its courtyard.

Since then Mushtari has presented both choreographed and improvised works at various unconventional spaces in Toronto including Toronto City Hall’s Rotunda, Narwhal Art Gallery, Gerrard/Ashdale Public Library’s Reading Room, Toronto West General Hospital’s Lobby, etc.