Space, Performance, Subjectivity

Gibralter Point, Toronto Islands, April 2022

Instead of using urban spaces simply as backdrops in dance and performances what if dance and performance could provide critical responses to the corporeal experience of these spaces that we, the urban dwellers, traverse in our daily lives and that shape our subjectivity?

Considering the experience of a space is bound to the body, Mushtari has opened up her interest into a new area of research within performance studies, where dance, performance, urban planning, architecture and city design come together with a goal to build a more ‘human’ city for the future.

Her first stop on this journey was at Toronto’s Winter Island where she was an Artist-in-Residence during March and April 2022.

Her work there on her ‘Drifting Dialogues’ project aimed to engage the island residents critically with the urban spaces they live in.

Photos by: Dewan Masud Karim

Mushtari’s residency was sponsored by Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto.