SOM (film version)

A space of destruction
Is the space of new creation
An end
Is the point of a new beginning
A death
Is the passage to a new life
And a collapse
Is a catalyst to ‘rise again’


SOM evokes this inseparability and the constant dialogue between the opposite forces in nature that define our existence. Through the poetic verses of Late Kazi Nazrul Islam – the National poet of Bangladesh – I invoke Lord Shiva – the embodiment of the forces of destruction as well as of creation – during our prolonged time of crisis with an urgent request:

Please stop your dance of darkness and begin your dance of new light.

Song Written & Composed by: Kazi Nazrul Islam

Concept, Choreography, Performance & Narration: Mushtari Afroz

Vocal & Music Arrangement: Tanveer Alam Shawjeeb

Sitar: Nishit Dey

Tabla, Pakhawaj & Bol Padhat: Pallab Sanyal

Filming & Editing: Shawn Barry

The Research & Creation phase of this work was made possible in 2020-2021 with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Performance History:

SOM will premiere in March 2022 at ‘Tapashta’ – a digital shortworks festival organized by the SpringWorks Indie Theatre & Arts Festival, Stratford, Ontario.